Monster Vapes Review – Tobacco Vape, Custard Monster, and Berry Crunch

Whether you are a smoker or an occasional vaper, Monster vapes are a delicious way to enjoy your favorite flavor. There are three flavors to choose from, including Tobacco Monster, Custard Monster, and Berry Crunch.

Tobacco Monster

Located in Orlando, Florida, Monster Vape Labs is a tobacco e-liquid manufacturer. With many different brands to choose from, the company has established themselves as the industry leader in e-liquids.

The company manufactures a line of vape juices under the name Tobacco Monster. These e-liquids are manufactured using the finest ingredients from the USA. They are made using a proprietary formulation that exceeds industry standards.

The Tobacco Monster line is made with the most accurate tobacco profiles. The e-liquids are also infused with just the right amount of menthol. The e-liquid is available in a wide variety of tobacco inspired flavors.

The Tobacco Monster e-liquid collection is also available in salt nicotine variants. These salt variants offer a more authentic tobacco taste. The salts can be loaded into refillable pod kits. They are also compatible with low wattage devices.

Custard Monster

Developed by Monster Vape Labs, Custard Monster e-liquid is the latest addition to the custard confection themed vape juice line. The artisans of Custard Monster use only top quality ingredients to create this rich and creamy blend. The artisans work to ensure that every detail of the taste is perfect.

Custard Monster’s signature flavor combines the creamy sweetness of custard with the tartness of ripe blackberries. This is the perfect dessert vape for after-dinner or on a sweet craving.

Custard Monster Vape E Liquids are made with a 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol base. The e-liquids are available in 0mg, 3mg and a range of nicotine strengths.

Custard Monster e-liquids are available in 100ml bottles. The vape juice is available in five flavours. The signature flavor is vanilla custard, which is creamy and sweet.

Vanilla Custard

Besides its rich and creamy vanilla custard flavor, the Monster Vape Labs e-juice comes in a unicorn bottle that’s sure to dazzle. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, you’re sure to enjoy an excellent vape experience.

Custard Monster is a premium e-juice made by the same team that makes Jam Monster, and as a result, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. It comes in both 100ml unicorn bottles and sub-ohm tanks. A bottle of the vanilla e-juice will last you two to three weeks, depending on how much you vape.

The most impressive is the fact that the Monster Vape Labs e-juice is made with 70% vegetable glycerin, meaning it’s free of synthetic ingredients. Also, the bottle has a childproof cap, ensuring that your little ones don’t ruin the fun.

Strawberry Custard

Among the many e-liquids on the market, the Strawberry Custard Monster Vape is a delectable dessert flavor. It is full of ripe summer strawberries and creamy vanilla custard. This tasty vape will give you all the satisfaction you get from a regular e-liquid.

The strawberry custard monster e-liquid comes in a 75/25 VG/PG mix. It is available in 100mL bottles at eJuice Direct. It is also available in 3mg nicotine strength. It is best enjoyed with a sub-ohm tank.

The Custard Monster Vape e-liquid is the best of the lot, displaying a subtle custard accent to complement the sliced strawberries. It also has a well-developed vapour production. It is a smooth vape that will leave you drooling. It is also the most popular e-liquid in the Custard Monster line, winning awards for its flavor and quality.

Berry Crunch

Developed by Monster Vape Labs, Berry Crunch is the perfect combination of creamy milk and sweet berry flavors. The flavor is available in a variety of nicotine strengths. You can choose from 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine.

Monster Vape Labs’ Berry Crunch is made with the highest quality ingredients and provides a taste that is spot on. The flavor is a recreation of the flavor of the classic berry crunch cereal. It is infused with Tobacco-Free Nicotine, and has a smooth milk and cream flavor.

This vape juice is a favorite amongst many users because of its sweet and creamy flavor. It offers a multi-layered experience that will keep you coming back for more. This juice is best enjoyed with Sub-Ohm tanks.

Berry Crunch by Monster Vape Labs is a delicious and nostalgic flavor. It features a sweet blend of mixed berries in cereal form. It is a perfect flavor for pod systems.