A Deep Fryer in Miami FL Makes Cooking Easier

Whether you’re a small restaurant or an upscale eatery, you can make a lot of money with a deep fryer. It’s versatile and can cook a variety of foods from fried chicken to onion rings.

Choose between tube-type or open-pot styles, and gas or electric models. Atlas Event Rental has a full line of commercial cooking equipment for rent in Miami, Florida and surrounding areas.

2.2 lb Roto Deep Fryer

The DeLonghi 2.2 lb Roto Deep Fryer is an excellent choice for young cooks who are looking for a safe way to fry food. It has many safety features including a windowed lid and cool touch handles, making it a good choice for frying chicken and fries without worrying about burns.

This deep fryer also uses about half the amount of oil that you would typically use in a similar sized fryer. This saves you money and energy, as less oil will heat faster and consume less electricity.

This fryer comes with a patented easy clean oil draining system that makes it easy to clean and drain the oil into the included collecting container. It also has a non-stick interior and dual filtration with included replacement filters for easy cleanup and lingering odor protection. The adjustable thermostat with indicator light allows you to set the frying temperature from 300deg-370deg, giving you the flexibility to cook just about any type of food.

3.2 qt Digital Deep Fryer

A well designed fryer will yield a healthy serving of golden, crisp results. This 3.2 quart wonder can be tucked away when it isn’t in use, and it does the trick time and again. A digital control panel provides all the power you need to fry it up. The best part is you can’t forget it, thanks to the smartie pants atop its lid. A slew of LED lights illuminate the display at will and a handy magnet detaches itself from the top to provide access to your shiny new toy.

3.5 qt Digital Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration

Whether you’re cooking for one or the whole family, this Deep Fryer in Miami FL makes it easy to create delicious fried foods. It reaches a temperature of 375°F and features a ready light, view window, and spatter lid to help keep you safe.

Another great feature is the filtration system that drains and filters oil to reduce mess and extend its life. This model also has a dishwasher-safe frying basket and removable oil container.

If you’re looking for a fryer with more than just a hot temperature and a timer, check out the Hamilton Beach Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer. It’s the only one we know of that has three different baskets, allowing you to fry more than one item at a time. And it has an impressive LCD screen to help you track the time and temperature of your food during frying. Plus, it comes with a break-away power cord for additional safety.

3.5 qt Electric Deep Fryer

Whether you’re looking for crispy chicken wings, mozzarella sticks or french fries, a deep fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance. These appliances preheat and recover oil quickly for consistent cooking at a variety of temperatures. They have a splatter-free design, and are easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts.

Besides having the capability to cook many types of foods, these appliances also come with great features such as break-away power cords and adjustable temperature dials. A wide view window helps you monitor the food while minimizing the fried smell.

This professional-grade deep fryer has a large 5.3 qt oil container and three fry baskets, which allows you to fry different kinds of food at the same time. Its automatic oil filtration and cool zone reduces odors, eliminates burnt bits of food at the bottom of the container and extends the life of your oil. It also has an adjustable thermostat and a signal light. Its 1700 W immersion heating element is also designed for professional use.